Commission meetings and agenda reports

The Commission generally meets in Adelaide every fortnight, although can meet more often if required. The Commission’s meeting agenda is made available on this website from the Monday prior to the scheduled meeting and is available for download below.

The Commission is committed to increasing the transparency of its decision making, by making Agenda Reports and Attachments available on this site in accordance with its policy on transparency and confidentiality (PDF, 325 KB).

The following categories apply to the release of documents on this page:

  • Not Confidential – These items are not confidential and will be published in full at the same time as the Commission’s minutes.
  • Not Confidential - Release Delayed – These items will be treated as not confidential, but release of material will be delayed for a specified period to allow for advice to be considered and a decision to be made.
  • Confidential – These items will not be released and may include matters that are Cabinet in Confidence, Legal Obligations, Legal Advice or Litigation, Complaints, Security & Safety, Personal Information, and Commercial in Confidence.

View the agendas and minutes of Commission meetings held prior to 1 July 2021.

September 2021

Agenda (PDF, 391 KB)

SPC Minutes - 14 September 2021
(PDF, 888 KB)

Agenda Items Category/Comments
1.5 Chair's Report (PDF, 373 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
3.1 Heritage in Transition Development Plan Amendment by the City of Holdfast BayNot Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.1 Code Amendment Initiation - Future Living Code AmendmentNot Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.2 Performance Indicators  Scheme Annual ReportNot Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.3 SPC Annual Report Not Confidential (Release Delayed)
5.1 SPC Communications and Engagement Report (PDF, 1044 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
5.2  PlanSA Update ReportConfidential

Agenda (PDF, 392 KB)

Minutes (PDF, 734 KB)

Agenda Items Category/Comments
1.5  Chair's Report (PDF, 373 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
4.1 Performance Indicators Scheme Annual ReportConfidential
4.2  SPC Annual ReportConfidential
4.3  Building Fire Safety Committee (PDF, 4227 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
5.1 Environment and Food Production Areas (EFPA) Review UpdateConfidential

August 2021

Agenda (PDF, 247 KB)

Minutes (PDF, 696 KB)

Agenda Items Category/Comments
1.5 Chair's Report (PDF, 372 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
1.11 SCAP Update (PDF, 303 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
3.1 Gawler Heritage DPANot Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.1  SCAP MembershipConfidential
4.2  SPC Response to Conservation CouncilConfidential
5.1 SPC Communications and Engagement Report (PDF, 1931 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
6.1 ICAC Referral  - July 2021Confidential

Agenda (PDF, 372 KB)

Minutes (PDF, 717 KB)

Agenda Items Category/Comments
4.1 Code Amendment Delegations (PDF, 1243 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
4.2 Future Living Code Amendment - Proposal to InitiateConfidential
4.3 Local Design Review Code Amendment - Proposal to InitiateNot Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.4 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide - Updated Report CardNot Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.5 SPC Strategic Plan (PDF, 1933 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
4.6 ICAC Referral - July 2021Confidential
5.1 EFPA Review UpdateConfidential
5.2 PlanSA UpdateConfidential
6.1 2018 Character Preservation Acts Review RecommendationsNot Confidential (Release Delayed)

July 2021

Agenda (PDF, 376 KB)

Minutes (PDF, 773 KB)

Agenda Items Category/Comments
1.5 Chair’s Report (PDF, 355 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
3.1 Mount Compass Golf Course Estate Code Amendment (PDF, 27994 KB)Not Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.1 SPC Response - A Call to ActionConfidential
4.2 Review Code Amendment Templates (PDF, 2230 KB)Not Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.3 2018 Character Preservations Acts Review RecommendationsConfidential
4.4 SCAP MembershipConfidential
4.5 Confidential Email date 1 July 2021Confidential
4.6 SPC Strategic PlanConfidential
5.1 Pre-briefing - Interconnector Assessment ReportConfidential
5.2 Flood Hazard Mapping and Assessment Project BriefingConfidential
5.3 Certificate of Title Requirements (PDF, 505 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
5.4 Plan SA UpdateItem postponed until 5 August 2021
5.5 Communications & Engagement Report (PDF, 1468 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
5.6 Ex-Officio ReportConfidential
6.1 Regulated and Significant Tree OverlayConfidential

Agenda (PDF, 391 KB)

Minutes (PDF, 748 KB)

Agenda ItemsCategory/Comments
1.5 Chair's Report (PDF, 373 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
1.9 SCAP UpdateConfidential
1.10  Building Policy Matters Update (PDF, 3375 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
3.1 Hackham Code Amendment (PDF, 61192 KB)Not Confidential (Release Delayed)
3.2  KIPT Assessment Report (PDF, 6683 KB)Not Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.1  ERDC Recommendations - Phase ThreeNot Confidential (Release Delayed)
4.2  30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide – Updated Report CardConfidential
4.3  SCAP AppointmentConfidential
4.4  DPA Delegations (PDF, 1046 KB)Not Confidential (Release Immediately)
5.1  Regional Plans ProgramConfidential