Commission members

The Commission comprises a Chair, members with widespread expertise in planning, urban design, construction, economics and public policy and an ex officio representative from the Attorney-General’s Department.

Members of the Commission share expertise across a broad range of disciplines that span the planning sector to ensure they have the knowledge and representation to make informed decisions. These areas include:

  • planning, urban design or architecture
  • economics, commerce or finance
  • development or building construction
  • social or environmental policy or science
  • local government, public administration or law.

The State Planning Commission’s Chairperson, Mr Craig Holden, was appointed in November 2021 replacing Ms Helen Dyer. Prior to this appointment Mr Holden had been a Commission member since November 2018.

Photo of Mr Craig Holden

Mr Craig Holden


November 2021 - Current

Member - November 2018 - November 2021

Craig’s career encompasses architecture, project management, construction, real estate and development.

Craig has been a recent board member of Common Ground, Renewal SA and the South Australian Housing Trust and is currently a board member of the ACH Group and the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA).

Craig is committed to ensuring that all South Australians benefit from land use planning policy that is equitable, informed and contemporary.

Photo of Mr Stuart Moseley

Mr Stuart Moseley


November 2021 - Current

Stuart has more than 30 years of experience in planning, urban management and executive leadership in the public and private sectors across five Australian jurisdictions. He has served as chief planner and then Chief Executive of the Adelaide City Council, has held lead roles in preparing strategic plans for four capital city regions, and has overseen legislative reform of the planning systems in two states.

He currently serves as Chief Executive of the Victorian Planning Authority, charged with planning for urban growth in designated areas across Victoria.  Prior to his current role, Stuart was the Deputy Director General responsible for planning in the Queensland Government. Stuart is committed to plans that get built – unlocking development that delivers jobs, housing and amenity for current and future communities.

Photo of Ms Elinor Walker

Ms Elinor Walker


November 2021 - Current

Elinor is an experienced planner, who has worked in local government and planning consulting for over 20 years. She has been South Australian President of the Planning Institute of Australia during the peak implementation of the reform program and has been heavily involved with the professional development training program for the planning sector in South Australia.

Her expertise is uniquely diverse, having worked in strategic, statutory and environmental planning roles across her career in urban and regional areas of Victoria and South Australia.

Elinor is the Director of ESD Planning & Design and is experienced in all facets of planning. She has a keen interest in urban design, ecology, growth area planning and community engagement.

Photo of Ms Noelle Hurley

Ms Noelle Hurley


November 2021 - Current

Noelle has been a legal practitioner for 34 years both nationally and internationally, practising across all jurisdictions. She joined the Independent Bar in 2006 and continued cross jurisdiction practice.

Noelle is a nationally accredited mediator and in 2019 undertook a Space Law Intensive course at Adelaide University and the Australian Institute of Companies Directors Course (AICD) in Melbourne. Noelle remains an active member of the AICD.

Noelle’s position sitting on both boards and executive councils over the years has meant she has had the opportunity to make suggestions and comment on proposed legislative change. Through her various board and director positions Noelle is also aware of the issues surrounding governance, risk, strategies, duties and responsibilities.

Photo of Mr Steven Griffiths

Mr Steven Griffiths


1 March 2022 - Current

Mr Griffiths is a strong advocate for regional South Australia, with extensive experience in representing the interests of the regions as Chief Executive of the Federation of North Eastern Councils, including Orroroo Carrieton and Peterborough Councils, in the Mid North of South Australia from 1993 to 1999.

From 2000 to 2006 Mr Griffiths was Chief Executive Officer for the District Council of Yorke Peninsula, before being elected to the South Australian Parliament as the Member for Goyder in March 2006.

Mr Griffiths served 12 years in Parliament holding various Shadow Ministry portfolios and responsibilities, including Shadow Ministerial responsibility for the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

Mr Griffiths brings qualifications, knowledge, expertise and experience in local government, public administration and law to the Commission.

Photo of Ms Sally Smith

Ms Sally Smith

Ex officio

May 2017 - Current

Sally has worked as a planner for 25 years in SA, QLD and NSW across policy, assessment and strategy. While starting her career in Local Government and private consultancy she has worked in State Government for over 20 years. As the Executive Director of Planning and Land Use Services (PLUS) for the Attorney-General’s Department, Sally had the privilege of overseeing the state-wide implementation of the new planning system and online ePlanning platform. Sally is passionate about fostering a Planning Department that collaborates with Local Government, the development sector and listens to the community about building healthy and connected neighbourhoods. She is committed to enhancing and improving the planning system for all South Australians.