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State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) – Updated Meeting Protocols

18 March 2020

In response to COVID-19 we are implementing changes to the way the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) meetings will be conducted for the foreseeable future.

It is essential that anyone displaying any form of illness or feeling unwell does not attend these meeting.

Please take the time to review the amended SCAP Meeting Protocols below, which will take effect from 26 March 2020:

  • Meetings will include a fresh air break at 1.5 hours (subject to change)
  • Category 3 Applicants will be heard in person at these meetings
  • Category 3 Applicant attendance is to be minimised to two people
  • Category 2 Applicant presentations will be conducted by phone at the meeting
  • Category 3 representations will be conducted by phone at the meeting
  • Category 2 representations will not be conducted to assist in reducing the length of meetings
    (please note the hearing of Category 2 verbal representations is at the discretion of SCAP and not required by the legislation)
  • Staff attendance will be minimised to relevant staff only (e.g the Agenda Item author and SCAP coordinator)
  • Council or Agency technical staff are not to attend but will be contacted by phone if required
  • There will be no pre-briefing of members before the meetings
  • Meetings will not be open to the public or the media.

If you have any questions relating to these changes, please contact the SCAP Secretary, Jessie Surace on 7109 7046 or