Industry workshops

The Commission regularly hosts workshops, attended by a range of industry and business bodies, to investigate and progress different aspects of planning and development, including:

Residential Infill

Throughout 2020 the State Planning Commission held a number of residential infill forums to hear from industry experts involved in the development of residential infill housing across Adelaide. This forum assisted the Commission’s understanding of the build process in terms of delivering a housing product and informed improvements to residential infill policy in the Planning and Design Code. These were subsequently released in ‘Raising the Bar on Residential Infill (PDF, 3309 KB)’ brochure.

Urban Trees Offset Scheme Forum

In 2021, the Minister for Planning and Local Government and the State Planning Commission co-hosted the Urban Trees Offset Scheme Forum for industry, local government and community stakeholders. At the Forum the draft Urban Trees Offset Scheme was outlined with discussion centred around the overarching objective of the Scheme to encourage trees planting and how best to implement the Scheme. Key points included the proposed value for payments into the Scheme, and the areas where the Scheme would apply i.e. highly reactive soils and higher density zones.