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Role of the Building Committee

The Building Committee was established by the State Planning Commission under Section 29(1)(c) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

The Committee has assumed the functions, powers and duties of the former Building Advisory Committee and the Building Rules Assessment Commission under the Development Act 1993.

The Building Committee considers technical matters referred to it relating to compliance with the performance provisions of the Building Code of Australia in the National Construction Code series.

The role of the Committee is to:

  • consider matters referred to it under the Development Act 1993 (Development Act) and the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act);
  • administer as appropriate any delegated functions of the State Planning Commission; including to:
    • provide concurrence on applications seeking to allow a variance with the performance requirements of the Building Rules;
    • provide expert opinion, when requested by a relevant authority, on whether the performance requirements of the Building Rules have been met by a particular performance solution;
    • provide concurrence on applications granting consent for specific types of building work as required;
    • report to the Commission on such matters as determined by the Minister or referred by the Commission;
    • administer the Development Act and PDI Act in regard to design, construction and maintenance of buildings; and
    • advise on the adequacy and application of the Building Rules.

The Building Committee does not have the legislative power to accredit building products. 

Information about lodging an application for concurrence or an opinion, the documentation to be submitted and meeting procedures can be found in the information for applicants section.

The Committee comprises members with widespread expertise in building surveying, building fire safety, structural engineering, fire-fighting operations, access for people with a disability, architecture, regulations and compliance and building engineering services.

Members are appointed by the State Planning Commission.

Mr Alan Taylor was appointed as Chair of the Committee. Ms Debbie Frisby, Mr Jeffrey Shillabeer, Ms Nageswary Karrupiah, Mr Gavin Leydon and Ms Joanne Payne and Mr Dini Soulio were appointed as the inaugural members of the Committee.

Detailed information about the members is available in the Committee Members section.

The Minister for Planning has adopted a Code of Conduct (PDF, 173 KB) to be observed by members of the State Planning Commission. The Code of Conduct sets out standards of conduct and professionalism that are to be observed by all members of the State Planning Commission.

The Building Committee is also subject to the Code of Conduct as a delegated authority (or in the performance of statutory functions) under Schedule 3 of the PDI Act. 

The Committee is also subject to the Public Sector Code of Ethics and the Independent Commission Against Corruption.