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On 19 December 2019 the State Planning Commission approved a new terms of reference to reform the Building Committee to the Building Technical Panel (BTP). The BTP will undertake delegated building-related statutory functions of the Commission under the Planning, Development Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act) and the Development Act 1993.

The Building Committee has been established by the State Planning Commission to assume the functions, powers and duties of the Building Advisory Committee (BAC) and Building Rules Assessment Commission (BRAC).

The Building Committee can consider matters referred to it under the Development Act 1993 and the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and administer, as appropriate, any delegated functions of the State Planning Commission.

Role of the Building Committee

The Building Committee is established under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

The Committee has a statutory role to consider matters referred to it and to administer, as appropriate, any delegated functions of the Commission.

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Meet the Committee Members

The Building Committee members are selected from various fields of expertise within the building and construction sector.

Members are appointed by the State Planning Commission.

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